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A Silver Lining to High Inflation

A Silver Lining to High Inflation If you access savings in the bank you may want to consider investing in Series I bonds. Series I Bonds currently have an annualized yield of 9.62% and you are able to invest up to $10K per person. The rate will be reset every November 1st and May 1st.…

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Looking for ways to save try the upside app

Looking for ways to save?

Looking for ways to save? Try the Upside App. It’s no secret that gas prices are crazy high right now. We’re reminded of this constantly as we drive around. Something I found out about recently from my brother-in-law was an app called Upside. Though I’m a fairly new user. it seems to save enough money…

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2022 Kentucky Derby | Ryan Barber

2022 Kentucky Derby

Ahhh the first Saturday in May. Such a wonderful time of year. The Kentucky Derby is one of my favorite events that signifies a sign of warmer weather ahead. The race reminds me a little about investing. There are the investments (like the horse) and the investor (like the jockey). Of course, you want a…

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The Super Bowl Indicator and The Stock Market

The Super Bowl Indicator and The Stock Market Can the winner of the Super Bowl predict the performance of the stock market? Investors are always looking for a way to tilt the odds in their favor and the Super Bowl Indicator is one that some actually believe in. According to Wikipedia (so you KNOW it’s…

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The $197,000 Cell Phone Switch

The $197,000 Cell Phone Switch Just a few weeks ago, I decided to change cell phone providers. I had been with the same carrier since the days when a cell phone plan cost a ridiculous amount of money and offered you 100 minutes per month! Not quite the Zack Morris cell phone era but close.…

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(Don’t) Set Big Goals

(Don’t) Set Big Goals Seems like a strange title doesn’t it? Aren’t we always hearing that we should set our goals high? There’s even an acronym for such a thing. Ever heard of BHAG? It stands for big, hairy, audacious goal. I recently read an article that argues that for many, setting the bar really…

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What are some ways to stick with your financial plan?

What are some ways to stick with your financial plan? I hope you find this maddeningly simple; it should be. Automate, automate, automate. Use EFT through your checking account to make automatic monthly deposits. The less you have to do after the initial decision the better. An object in motion tends to stay in motion.…

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Beware of Sequence of Returns Risk

Beware of Sequence of Returns Risk You have done everything right. You planned ahead and triple-checked your plan before you called it quits. But there is a risk that many retirees don’t consider. Depending on the timing of your retirement, your financial security could be at risk due to plain old luck (or lack thereof).…

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3 Simple Ways To Stop Stressing About Retirement

3 Simple Ways To Stop Stressing About Retirement Life can be stressful. Every day seems filled with a long list of things to do, and time is at a premium. Your retirement plan (if it even makes the list) never seems to be top of mind. But you periodically think about it…and it’s STRESSFUL. Am…

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